315mm Complete Kit Iso Max

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315mm Complete Kit Iso Max


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Product Description

Iso Max Fan Can                        

‌Iso Max is currently the most advanced fan on the market. It is ideal for rooms where high fan performance and quiet trouch are required. Suitable for continuous operation. It is characterized by very high failure rate and effectiveness. The fan has a built-in switch that turns off the power in case of too high temperature. The engine together with the project made in Switzersoil. The rotors are designed to provide strong airflow while reducing noise levels and low current consumption.

CanFilter CAN-Lite 3500 m3/h, Fl 315mm

Steel framed Can Lite filter with maximum capacity of  3500 m3/h. 
The new filters Can Lite use a type of carbon called Lite.  What makes Lite carbon so effective in filtering the air is the micro-meso pores structure that is perfectly adapted to absorb the smell molecules in the hydroponic sector. 100 % of air filtration each time, during the 18 months of life for a Can Lite filter.
The main distinguishing feature of the Can Lite carbon filters is the ability to effectively perform their functions in a humidity of up to 75%. The equally high parameter Can Lite charcoal filter meets the maximum temperature of the working environment, which is 80 ° C. If  any of these parameters is exceeded, the carbon filter continues to operate, but its durability is reduced very quickly.

RAM ALUDUCT Low Noise Ducting

A 3 layer multi-ply reinforced aluminium and polyester laminated ducting with an encapsulated high tensile steel wire helix. This means it holds it shape very well offering less drag than competitor products, thus less noise when in use and less pressure drop. It comes individually boxed in 10m lengths. In the event of a fire, no toxic gases are emitted.