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Ensuring proper ventilation is paramount to maintaining healthy plants. As plants breath in CO2 and use the carbon to structure new leaves and roots, they release oxygen. If ventilation is not adequate, plants will eventually begin to suffer from this reduced air quality. With a good ventilation system fresh carbon dioxide rich air can reach the plants leaves on a regular basis and allow for much healthier plants.

Maintaining air flow also goes a long way in preventing the successful invasion of pests like thrips and spider mites and helps maintain an even air temperature throughout the growing area.

Ventilation can even be hooked up directly to the hot HID light bulbs using our Aerotube systems. These are designed to be connected directly to the exhaust fans to remove most of the heat produced by these lights and allows for a greater level of temperature control.

At The Hydroponics Store, we carry a variety of ventilation equipment for any sized room or grow tent. We also stock all of the necessary ducting, connectors, and carbon filters to do the job right. If you're confused about what size fan you need in order to adequately ventilate your grow tent, check out our extraction calculator to make the planning process as simple as possible.

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