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600w Systems


600w are the most powerful lights we supply and are perfect for spaces of 1 m squared. These lights offer a rich supply of lumens and penetration into the canopy and are great for maximizing yields. Lights with this intensity will likely require cooling, so try pairing it with one of our Aerotubes to increase the heat removal efficiency and take greater control of your grow room temperatures. Pairing with products like an Aerotube and extraction fan also enables you to reduce the temperature emitted from the lamp. This means you can position the lamps closer to the plant canopy to provide them with more light energy. This will lead to more explosive growth in both vegetative and flower stages.

The best way to test if your lights are too close is to place your hand under the light at the level of the plant canopy. If your hand too hot, your plants likely do too so either turn up the speed of your fans or position them further away.

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