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Growing Systems


Hydroponic growing systems are the bread and butter of indoor growing. There are an endless amount of different sizes, and styles of grow systems which can make it harder to decide what system is right for you. We have weeded through this market and chosen the products that we liked the most based on manufacturer's, materials used, and overall build quality. We offer nearly all forms of hydroponic growing systems including DWC, WILMA, EBB and Flood, and Aeroponics. Of these different styles of hydroponic grow systems we also offer all different sizes which can range in capacity from one plant, to dozens.

If your looking to extend the capacity of your current hydroponic system, we offer all the materials needed to accomplish this as well. We have larger tanks, piping, drip lines, and flood tables to easily add to your current hydroponic system to give it a size boost.

Talk to one of our experts today if you have any questions about these systems.

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