Why we recommend the AC Infinity Controller

Introducing the AC Infinity Controller, the cutting-edge digital controller designed to equip AC Infinity fans with smart controls for HVAC or growing applications. This innovative device dynamically adjusts fan speed based on temperature and humidity conditions, ensuring optimal airflow and creating the perfect environment for your plants or HVAC system.

With the AC Infinity Controller, you have complete control over your fan's performance. The programming options are extensive, allowing you to set automated triggers, timers, cycles, scheduling, minimum speed, and custom transitions. This level of customization ensures that your fan operates exactly as you need it to, maximizing efficiency and effectiveness.

One of the standout features of the AC Infinity Controller is its seamless connectivity. By connecting the controller to our app via Bluetooth, you unlock a world of advanced programs and functionalities. Set notifications to stay informed about any changes in temperature or humidity, and easily view climate data to monitor the conditions in real-time.

The AC Infinity Controller is designed to support up to two AC Infinity fans with EC motors, including the CLOUDLINE, AIRLIFT, or CLOUDWAY models. This means that multiple fans can share the same programming, simplifying the setup and ensuring consistent performance across your entire system.

At The Hydroponics Store, we are committed to providing innovative and high-quality products for indoor plant cultivation. The AC Infinity Controller is just one example of the unique solutions we offer to optimize plant growth and maximize space efficiency.

Experience the power of smart control with the AC Infinity Controller. Upgrade your AC Infinity fans today and take your indoor growing or HVAC system to the next level.